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“It can get addictive, especially the ‘easy’ exercise. Mostly, I found myself taking a posh wee and practicing my Finnish whilst I was on the loo. Which is a great way to start a conversation with your new office colleagues, when you leave the bathroom having been repeating words and sentences aloud.”

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Dirty Cars And Million Cows


Chronicles of a Cold Texan

“Did you know Finnish is among the hardest languages in the world to learn?  I have taken a year of classroom classes and still was not able to use the language.  Yep, it's that difficult. I'm happy to say that in the short time I've been working with this program I have been able to slowly start using the language (Finally!!)”

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“WordDive finally gave me the push I needed. I began with practicing one hour a day, and it was so much fun! Then day by day I slowly watched the world around me come to life. I began understanding signs on the street, shop names, advertisements – it was just one thing after another!”

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Eva Ryan

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