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English for Travel

English for Travel

Learn English for Travel

Travel is one of the key reasons why people around the globe learn English, and this comes as no surprise. English is the lingua franca of travel from South America to Asia.

Knowing English is essential if you want to make the most of your journeys, no matter where you go. It will help you get immersed in the local culture, expand your horizons, and make communication with other people easier.

With that in mind, we have created the English for Travel course package. It covers a wide range of travel-related topics and is designed to help you master the key vocabulary within the shortest possible time and without overwhelming effort.

English for Travel comprises four major courses, which cover different areas of language expertise required for travel.

You can choose between British and American versions of this course package depending on your travel goals and preferences.

English Survival Course

English Survival focuses on the most essential general and travel-related vocabulary. This short course is ideal if your language skills are elementary and you have limited time to prepare for your trip. In this course, you will learn common phrases and very useful words that you will encounter in connection to transport and accommodation.

English Travel Course 1

The English Travel course is designed to make your trip run as smoothly as possible.

Part 1 of the English Travel course focuses on the key words and expressions to use in everyday situations, for shopping or services, telling time and numbers.

Course on Food and Drink

Don’t get tongue-tied in a restaurant or a grocery store or remain clueless in the kitchen. The Food and Drink course comprises useful vocabulary that will come in handy when you order your favourite meal at a restaurant, cook or enjoy a drink in a pleasant company.

English Travel Course 2

In part 2 of the English Travel course, you will learn the essential vocabulary to deal with transport and accommodation issues as well as to resolve the typical travel complications in English easily and independently.

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