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Intensive course to boost your Finnish in Tampere!

Who is it for?

The intensive course is a great choice for you if you are planning to take the YKI test on 27th August 2016 (middle level, 3-4). You can also take part in the course if you just want to improve your Finnish but will not participate in the test. On the course we will study on level A2-B1 (CEFR), so you should already know the basics.

How does it work?

On this course, you will study Finnish in a classroom with a competent teacher and at home with the WordDive program. You will get to practise useful vocabulary and grammar as well as assignments that you will encounter in the YKI test.

WordDive is a language-learning program that you can use online. With WordDive you can practise grammar and vocabulary efficiently at your own pace.

Immigrants studying


June - August 2016

  • Contact teaching 9 x 90 min
    • Dates of classes: 6.6., 7.6., 8.6., 13.6., 14.6. and 15.6.
    • Time of classes is 6.6.-8.6. from 13.15 to 16.30 and 13.6.-15.6. from 14.30 to 16.00
  • Studying with WordDive at home until 27th August 2016
    • Enough material for up to 80 hours
    • You can choose what is most useful for you
    • We recommend you study at least 15-30 min/day
  • Selected homework

For homework you will need access to a computer with loudspeakers or headphones and an Internet connection.

Course fee

Online sign up special price: 229 euros. The fee will be paid in two parts: 69 euros when you sign up, and 160 euros at the beginning of the course. Normal price is 249 euros. The YKI test is not included in the course fee.

Information and sign-up

There’s room for 16 students. Sign up now!

  1. Click the link.
  2. Fill in your contact info.
  3. Pay the sign up fee with your internet banking.

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