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WordDive method: The fastest way to learn English Why choose the WordDive Method?

1Using multiple senses is efficient.

2Learning is individually optimized.

3Speaking becomes easy and natural.

Anybody can learn English with the WordDive method. Only $9.99 USD / month

Already 200 000 happy users in 150 countries
Huong Dinh Vietnam

I have never believed in online learning site before but WordDive changed my mind. It's really great. I don't know any single German word when I started. So far, I have learned permanently more than 200 words just in 2 weeks. I'm very happy with the result. I hope that there will be more and bigger language packages offered so we can learn more and longer with WordDive!

Natalia Russia

WordDive is an excellent service to expand your vocabulary. The exercises revive our conception memory, so the words are memorized easily and fast. I am an English teacher, and I am studying French with WordDive. As a specialist I recommend this service to all my students and friends. You should try it, too!

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English language courses

WordDive's English courses take place online. You can try an English course for 14 days for free. The WordDive method gives you permanent learning results in just one week! The range of courses includes English for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced levels. You can also study English for a specific purpose, such as travel, work or the Finnish matriculation exam.

Why choose the WordDive method?

  • Using multiple senses is the most efficient way to learn a new language.

  • The WordDive method optimizes learning speed and exercising of study items individually for each user.

  • The WordDive method leads to permanent learning, which means that using the new language becomes easy and natural.

Anybody can learn English with the WordDive method.

The three levels of learning with the WordDive method

1Started: study items that you have started to learn.

2Exercised: study items that you knew the last time but that require more exercising to become permanently learned.

3Permanently learned: study items that you can use easily and naturally. For example, you can answer a question quickly without thinking.

Permanent language learning
Study items learned permanently with WordDive


Learn English online

Learn English online! Studying English online is efficient with WordDive. It's easy to get started and learn. WordDive has been chosen as the best e-learning solution in Finland. You can try studying English for 14 days for free.

Studying English

Activating your brain through the use of multiple senses is what makes studying English with WordDive so efficient. You'll see, think, read, write, listen and pronounce. WordDive will also recognize your learning speed and starting level in English and tailor the speed of progress and content individually for you.

The English language

English is a Germanic language that developed in England. It is the first language of over 400 million people. In addition, a billion people speak it as a second language.

English is the number one language of science, technology, business, diplomacy, entertainment, the Internet and travel. If you want to learn one language that will be useful anywhere, learn English.

Investing in English skills is always the right decision. Do it now!

British or American English?

Some ten years ago, British English was the common standard in education. Since then, American English has become more prominent, and these days the choice between the two is a matter of taste.

Native speakers will be able to tell the language versions apart, but will understand both. Elsewhere in the world it does not matter much which English you speak. However, it is better to study one or the other: it is easier and will sound better.

With WordDive, you can study either version of English. We recommend choosing the one that is more familiar to you or that you like more.


Written and spoken English are remarkably different, and there are many exceptions to the rules. With WordDive, you will get to know the spelling and pronunciation of each new word at the same time and learn them both right from the start. In this natural way, you avoid the hard work of learning pronunciation all over again.

Compare English language versions

Over 95% of words in British and American English are the same, even when they are pronounced in a slightly different way.

Try it for 14 days for free!

Select a language
  • Using multiple senses is efficient.
  • Learning is individually optimized.
  • Speaking becomes easy and natural.