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Personalized learning with WordDive

The WordDive service optimizes the repetition of every study item for you personally. Your progress in your language studies is shown on a chart. In the example below, the user learns 204 items permanently in 23 hours. First she starts studying many new things at a quick pace, and the Started curve begins to rise. Soon she begins to get the first answers right, and the Known curve is activated.

The aim of the exercises is permanent learning, which is why the items that are already known are repeated a few more times. This forms a deep memory imprint that will last for years. Because of this repetition, the Permanent curve will begin to rise only on the third or fourth day of exercises. After that, however, it will rise quicker. This extra repetition ensures that you will really remember the things you have learned with WordDive and reach a skill level that gives you confidence to concentrate on the actual communication and what you want to say.

WordDive Results

The main speed of progress is also adjusted automatically. If you learn quickly, the amount of actively practised content increases and repetition decreases. If you are a slower learner, the opposite will happen.

The learning is tailored individually for you based on many factors, such as how well you have known each study item before (correct, almost correct, correct by listening or incorrect) and the time of last repetitions. You will have a tireless virtual teacher that makes your learning pleasant and effective. It frees you from planning how and what to study - you can concentrate on the learning, for five minutes a day or for hours.

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  • Using multiple senses is efficient.
  • Learning is individually optimized.
  • Speaking becomes easy and natural.