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What are study items and CEFR skill levels?

The core of a study item is usually a word, but it can also be a grammatical rule, an expression, an abbreviation or a character. Pronunciation and spelling are also part of the study item, as are context and conjugation, which you can learn from the picture and the example sentence. The examples have grammatical constructions suitable for the skill level as well as phrases that are useful in themselves.

Learning study items permanently with WordDive creates a basis for better language skills as follows:



CEFR level

Language skills

problems learning language



You don't know things permanently. Your working memory is struggling with vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, meanings and conjugations.

You feel unsure and left out in quickly changing situations and only catch the thread of conversations afterwards.

starter learner



You got off to a good start and can find your way on a tourist trip. Congratulations!

confident learner



You can use the language in typical situations.

excellent language user




C1 and C2

You are independent and can work using the new language.

You are a skillful language user. Your focus is on expanding your professional vocabulary, learning terms relevant to your hobbies etc.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is a widely used six-level scale for describing the development of foreign language skills. The steps between levels get longer toward the end of the scale. Levels A1 and A2 can be reached relatively quickly, but not even all native speakers are on level C2.

Familiarity with the CEFR levels is helpful especially when looking for a suitable course or learning material. It also helps to be able to describe one's CEFR skill level in a job application.

The first WordDive course package is designed to raise you from the basics to level B1. The comprehensive packages aim for level B2, and the special courses for different areas of interest, such as Methodology of Science (British English), aim for levels C1 and C2. To reach full competency on any skill level, you will also need to use the language actively in some way in addition to WordDive practice.

WordDive will get you to a level where you can put your new language to use as quickly as possible. When you use the language, you will progress even faster. Grammar is easier to grasp when you understand the words used in example phrases, and speaking practice becomes fun when you can talk about whatever you like. WordDive will free your working memory to concentrate on what you want to say.

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