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"I've used this system just a few days and am already hooked. I can look after the children and study French at home at the same time. Awesome!"
- Paula, Kuopio, Finland

"I would like to thank WordDive founders and its team for creating this great service."
- Iya

"Why didn't they have anything like this back when I went to school? I didn't like studying at all then, but now this is so fun I don't want to quit when I've done the optimal amount for the day :) Great to see I'm not as bad in English as I thought!"
- Maarit, Finland

"Have to say your program is good: My vocabulary has expanded a lot, and the best thing is that studying was fun and didn't feel forced. I'm definitely going to try your other language courses."
- Milla, Finland

"This is the best web-based language learning site I have ever come across! It is fun, makes learning seem like cakewalk, and is oh-so-addictive!! :)"
- Saumya

"Excellent thing :D"
- Olga

"Excellent experience."
- Alvaro Javier, Colombia

"A really fun way to learn. You don't repeat the same things too much because the program can tell when it's enough for the day. Learning is effective in suitably short periods, and somehow the words you practised the last time are etched in your memory while you rest. That means you learn even when you're not doing anything ;)"
- Simo, Finland

"WordDive is a great tool for learning languages. The only negative thing is that I have already completed all of the 9 German courses. I suggest making new German courses. Thanks! :)"
- Eero, Salo, Finland

"This is definitely the easiest and most interesting way to study that I've seen. I've tried many kinds of self-study methods, but always lost interest at some point. What makes this one interesting is hearing the pronunciation, which makes learning a lot easier compared to just reading books."
- Tuomo

"Hi! This new encouragement to reach daily and weekly goals is really motivating and great. You simply have to keep studying until you reach your goal! Thanks to the designer!"
- Anja

"WordDive is an excellent teacher. It makes studying the opposite of tough and unpleasant - you get hooked on it."
- Matti

"Learning with WordDive is easy, simple, nice and enjoyable. On the scale of 1-100, I give it 120!"
- Juan Diez

"I like the iPhone app very much, learning fast and easy to understand "
- Ronny

"Absolutely fantastic program! You can see a difference right away! It's so much easier to learn words with this system, and it's fast too!! 10/10 "
- Rasmus, Uddevalla, Sweden

"I think WordDive is 110% the best possible way to study a new language, at least for me, so thanks for the program! "
- Riku

"I thought I'd tell you I had a really positive experience with this service. It's been so nice and surprisingly motivating/inspiring to study with WordDive. Adapting to your level and using multiple senses... why can't school be as nice as this? I've recommended it to lots of people, and at home we've decided to get it for my brother for his matriculation exam next year. I'm sure you get lots of feedback and this is just one among many, but I just think this is so cool! :)"
- Katariina, Finland

"WordDive is an excellent service to expand your vocabulary. The exercises revive our conception memory, so the words are memorized easily and fast. I am an English teacher, and I am studying French with WordDive. As a specialist I recommend this service to all my students and friends. You should try it, too!"
- Natalia

"WordDive is the perfect way to prepare for the National Certificate of Language Proficiency (YKI) test and to study Finnish. A real useful system, the best there is."
- Alexander, Tampere, Finland

"This method is so effective. In around a week I have learnt a lot of new work that are so important in everyday life. Another cool thing is that corrects the words I already knew before but I misspell! Very good method, but dont forget this course is a complement! You need other methods as well! By the way, how they play with personal motivation is brilliant. The game is very addictive! I give it a 9. The 10 when they have a Mobile App ;)"
- Alejandro, Spain

"I found this site by chance. I watched the video on the main page and got much interested, because it is true that everyone needs languages now, especially youngsters. We need to develop our language skills. No one knows where we'll find ourselves in future. Probably I will study in Germany, Italy, or even in France. I won't have much time for learning languages later, but luckily I have it now. Thanks to this site's developers I have an opportunity to monitor my skills and develop them :) That is so great! Thanks a lot, WordDive creators :)))"
- Masha, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia

"I like working with this system a lot. After the trial course I understood that it is possible to study while having fun, so I took the comprehensive Spanish course. I study grammar using study books and the Internet, but WordDive is the best for studying vocabulary. I come here whenever I have a spare moment. I already started thinking about the language I am going to study next. I wish they had Hebrew here."
- Lyubov, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

"It has been nice to follow the program's continuous progress almost from the beginning. Now it's nice to study with. The program makes sense and shows you where you are and where you're going all the time. Thanks!"
- Seppo

"Brilliant! In six days I've learned 20 structures in Japanese without any other learning methods, and that's just with the free two weeks. I'm definitely going to continue with the pay version. Arigato!"
- Siiri, Helsinki, Finland

"Super! And so it is possible to learn everything."
- Shynar, Kazakhstan

"Moro! Easy Game is amazing, very easy way to learn new words. Good job. Terveisin, Armin"
- Armin

"A really good program that has taught me lots more Japanese. You can already see results in a couple of days, and it's fun to see how quickly you start to connect the pictures and the words. It works, try it :)"
- Anniina, Tampere, Finland

"I have never believed in online learning site before but WordDive changed my mind. It's really great. I don't know any single German word when I started. So far, I have learned permanently more than 200 words just in 2 weeks. I'm very happy with the result. I hope that there will be more and bigger language packages offered so we can learn more and longer with WordDive!"
- Huong Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam

"Thank you very much for the programme. I just cannot stop working with it. I like to study so much, especially when you can see a real result. Great!!!"
- Svetlana, Saint Petersburg, Russia

"I spotted WordDive on offer and, while being a little sceptical, I bought it for my husband to help improve his Spanish vocab. I have been most impressed and as a language tutor for French, German and Spanish GCSE and adult learning, vocab is often an area which needs working on. I now recommend WordDive as a great way to learn vocab, which, let's face it, can sometimes be a real drag. I really notice a difference in those students who use WordDive regularly and the words they recognise and can actively use. Well done WordDive - accessible vocab learning in a fun way!"
- Claire, Derby, UK

"I've tried many different language programs, including ones that cost money. In my opinion, this one is the best and surprisingly affordable. In less than a week, I've learned 400 words permanently, and there's been a vast improvement in my reading skills. However, I would like to see a much bigger vocabulary in many languages."
- Jaakko, Finland

"It's brilliant that WordDive now works with iPad too!"
- Satu, Finland

"Thanks for the great site, I am progressing fast :)"
- Serkan, Finland

"A totally incredible experience, I'm so eager to make time to get to the computer and study more."
- Anneli, Iisalmi, Finland

"I have loved doing the Spanish course. It's quite addictive. Last week I achieved 2202 permanent word status out of 2203. Thanks for everything - it's a great way of learning!"
- Mary, 71, UK

"I'm really enjoying learning this way and like the encouraging comments."
- Gillian, Spain

"Addictive language studying with a nice way of following your progress real time on the chart. I noticed I'M LEARNING! A great way to use the 'empty' hours of the night shift. Really motivating. Recommended <3"
- Maija, Hollola, Finland

"This is a wonderful way in which to learn vocabulary; to see and hear the words in action. I am certainly not a 'natural' with languages but enjoy every single session of WordDive and have learned so much! Thank you!"
- Eleanor

"Thanks again for your help, and can I just say that was the best customer service I've ever had online, amazing!"
- Daniel, UK

"It's incredible, I'm so 'hooked' on this WordDive program. I started learning Spanish from the beginning and now I can't stop! GREAT!!"
- Virpi, Espoo, Finland

"Hello, this is a really great program. I have started studying Russian, and with this program you can learn the words in a whole different way than by reading them from a book. At the same time, you also learn how to spell them and hear how to pronounce them. It's a nice way to study that suits me. Maybe in the future I will choose some other language in addition to Russian. I'm definitely going to recommend this to everyone I know!"
- Ari, Kajaani, Finland

"I had to learn Japanese in school for LOTE (Languages other than English), but it was really confusing and the teacher expected us to get it all perfect, but of course none of us did. But when I started using WordDive, in a few days I had already started increasing my marks on our Japanese tests! :)"
- Debbie, 11, Australia

"The beginning was difficult, since I didn't know how to use the categories. It was frustrating when the words I already knew kept coming up too often. But I followed the instructions and found my learning rhythm. It's great to learn the right pronunciation and spelling from the start. What a nice way to learn."
- Hellin, 64

"I would never have thought learning a language could be this easy and comfortable with a clever program. The system is really great and incredibly practical. Warmly recommended."
- Eija

"Hi, the Spanish course is really useful. Now I know more about pronouncing the letters and the masculine and feminine nouns are easier too, in the classroom they were confusing. I'm taking an elementary Spanish class in an adult education center. Enjoy your studies, everyone."
- Hanna

"The great thing about WordDive is that it has native voices. The user interface is quick and clear. The results section is nice too, because you see what you've learned and get motivated. I started Spanish from scratch and with WordDive I've really learned a lot!"
- Matti, 44

"WordDive is of good quality and you can study whenever it's convenient for you. It's also good for those who already speak the language because WordDive knows that and can adapt to it."
- Teuvo, 49

"WordDive is easily accessible and you'll see results in a few minutes. Combining many senses is effective and repeating the words becomes easier for the learner, you learn without even noticing."
- Janne, 34

"I'd never found a motivating program before, but then I found WordDive. It motivates me because I can see my own progress. Every time I learn more words, I feel great and want to learn even more."
- Hannu, 54

"I have fallen in love with this way of studying. I recognize the words I've learned in the street and on TV. So effective - now if I only had more time!"
- Leena

"The choice of words is really good, and I realized after a while that with WordDive you can do pretty much everything."
- Irina, 22

"I started learning Finnish, because I wanted to get closer to the language when living in Finland. What is best about WordDive is that it has everything: word, sentence, picture, and you make a connection."
- Christina, 18, Austria

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